Hi, I'm Cathy aka cavecats and
today it's all about me

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DisneyCruise Mom, Me and Mickey

Disney Cruise / Pirates Night


DisneyCruise Me and Goofy

Message to my husband. I get a little goofy every time you leave.

For the rest of you: here's a picture of yours truly on a Disney Cruise

Mom and I on the Walk of Fame - Hollywood

15 minutes of fame on the Walk of Fame
using the Webcam at Grauman's Chinese


Personal Information

I was born as the only girl child in the middle of five air force brats in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I survived my upbringing very nicely (thanks Mom). I am married and have been for quite some time to my best friend and soul mate and we were blessed with a million dollar family, a girl and boy.


What do I like to do in my spare time? Travel, garden,  bungee jump, geocache,  swim with piranhas (yes I have) and not necessarily in that order.

Actually, I find traveling a fabulous hobby. I have had the opportunity to take some incredible trips in the past ten or so years.

Price is Right aired December 5, 2006

Price is Right Taping in L.A.

Dr Phil - New Orlean's Scam aired October 27, 2006

Mom and I at a Dr. Phil taping in L.A.